FAQs For A Scrap Brass Recycling Company In Baltimore

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Metal

In Maryland, recycling of scrap metals improves the local and national economies. Brass is a common metal that is used in a wide array of products. Consumers who bring it in for recycling receive a generous cash payment. A local scrap brass recycling company in Baltimore could offer answers to frequently asked questions for consumers.

Where to Find Brass?

Brass is commonly found in plumbing supplies and fixtures. Valves and gears are often constructed of brass. Water meters, radiators, and shells consist of brass materials. Consumers find brass components in watches, clocks, and some jewelry as well. Most keys for automobiles and residential or commercial locks are constructed of brass.

Are There Different Types of Brass?

Yes, brass is considered yellow or red primarily. Yellow brass is the most common form of the metal. Red brass isn’t as common. The red brass is used in irrigation systems or sprinklers. It is also used in specialty watches.

How is the Price Calculated?

The weight of the brass defines the price provided to consumers. Red brass is also more valuable than yellow brass since it is more scarce. Recycling centers provide the payment on delivery of the recyclable metals.

What Should Consumers Do When Recycling Brass?

Silver-toned coatings are often used for brass. The coatings don’t provide adequate protection for the metal. Recycling centers review the quality of the brass and determine if it is contaminated. A consumer who wants to sell the brass must clean the metal and polish appropriately. Common contaminants such as oil, glass, paints, and even metal scrap depreciate the value of the brass.

Can You Recycle Brass Rifle Shell Casings?

Yes, brass rifle shell casings are recycled and are a valuable commodity. The consumer must make sure that the ammunition has been spent before recycling efforts. It is dangerous to bring live ammunition to a recycling center.

In Maryland, brass is a valuable commodity for manufacturers. It is used most often in plumbing supplies and specialty jewelry. Recycling efforts lower associated manufacturing costs considerably. Consumers who want information about services offered by a Scrap Brass Recycling Company in Baltimore schedule an appointment right now.

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