Exciting New Technology for Rugged Military Displays

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Business

Military personnel are some of the most demanding consumers when it comes to technological products. The high-tech devices they use need to be functional in all situations, including severe weather and rough handling. When a soldier is relying on a hand-held or mounted screen to provide the information essential to his mission, he needs to be sure that the device is not going to degrade or fail under difficult operating conditions. Fortunately, recent advances in technology are bringing high-quality products to the users who need them most. While military personnel are given priority for these cutting-edge devices, civilian users also benefit from the technological advances made during development.

Always Reliable

Military equipment is changing to use screens in more capacities. Most military vehicles have at least one screen mounted into the dashboard to display mapping information or communications from other personnel. Soldiers are also using hand-held devices with similar capabilities. In battle conditions, soldiers need to be sure their devices are functional even in severe conditions. The new rugged military displays are built to withstand even the most dangerous environments while maintaining the highest operating standards.

Aside from being tough, military-grade displays also meet rigorous standards of functionality. They’re readable even in harsh sunlight and built with strong anti-reflection glass.  Some monitors have extra features in the casing, such as an output port to power an external camera. The most advanced rugged military displays are also waterproof.  These displays meet the highest military requirements and are tested in severe conditions before being cleared for operation.

Field Operation

Good manufacturers of military technology use soldiers’ feedback and suggestions when designing and upgrading devices. One of the biggest features that soldiers request is easy operation. Military uniforms often include gloves and other equipment worn on or near their hands. When soldiers are looking at and interacting with their displays, they need to be able to use the buttons or touchscreens without removing their gear.

Another feature soldiers request for their equipment is resiliency. When military personnel are working in stressful combat exercises or battle simulations, they can’t change their operating procedures to protect fragile electronic devices. Strength and durability are extremely important requirements for all rugged military displays. A resilient device can handle being dropped in water, thrown in the back of a vehicle, and used in extreme heat or cold. This kind of military-grade device is an essential part of every soldier’s battle gear.

Technology research and development firms prioritize work on military projects. However, those technologies are transferred to civilian devices almost immediately if the technology isn’t classified. More and more rugged military displays are installed in civilian applications where customers use them daily in everything from mountaineering gear to scientific laboratories. Future technology will include even more advances in functionality, durability, and daily applications.

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