Does Your Factory Run on a Lot of Batteries? Why You Should Test Them Often

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Business

Some factories run on huge amounts of power. To make that amount of electricity more economical, factories may operate on a massive battery system, with each battery being responsible for powering something specific in the factory. That way a ton of electrical power isn’t going to waste when a piece of machinery isn’t being used. However, if you are running your factory on battery power, or you intend to transition to this type of electrical system in your plant, you should know that you need to do frequent battery tests and why UPS battery testing is so important.

Each Battery Running at Its Own Speed

UPS may stand for “uninterruptible power source,” but that doesn’t mean your batteries will last forever. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Each battery is running at its own speed to power something separate in the plant, and some batteries will wear out faster than others. While very little will cause power outages with this system, batteries will still run out of juice when they are too old or used up quicker than expected.

Why UPS Battery Testing Is So Vital

Imagine that a key piece of machinery in your plant is humming along one second and dead the next. If it is a laser cutter or a saw, that leaves an item in production completely unfinished. It also puts that part of your plant in lockdown until its power source is fixed. Testing all of the batteries often narrows down which batteries are going to fail soon and which ones need to be replaced.

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