Corrugated Box Manufacturers Expand Your Custom and Stock Packaging Options

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Corrugated box manufacturers can create boxes of all shapes and sizes. Businesses who rely on corrugated boxes to pack and ship efficiently may have any number of specific needs that corrugated box manufacturers can help with. Many businesses use certain sizes of boxes and need custom quantities of unusual types of boxes. They can also run into problems with boxes that aren’t sturdy enough, so a box manufacturer can help them get everything just right. Box manufacturers create custom sizes, designs, and cardboard weights as needed for their customers.

Businesses are often looking for branding on their boxes. Box manufacturers are able to help with structural design development, samples, and different types of branding. Boxes can have a large variety of design options in their construction, which is popular with businesses who offer boutique or custom products. Printing on the boxes is often done with two colors, but there are also ways to add full-color printing to a box. Some manufacturers use additional labels for custom boxes. These labels can be printed in full color with lithograph printing.

Box manufacturers are also a great source for stock boxes, which may work for many applications. Typical stock boxes are often called RSC boxes, or regular slotted container boxes. People also buy their stock boxes die-cut and by the sheet. For exceptionally strong boxes, they may look at FOL boxes. Also called full overlap boxes, these have flaps that reach the opposite edge of the box. They handle significantly heavier loads than RSC boxes.

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