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Controlling Global Catalytic Air Pollution Catalytic Air Pollution Control

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Catalytic air pollution control is one of the most important industrial exhaust abatement efforts in existence. Many industries produce exhaust with a large presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs include many chemicals that, when breathed in, cause many ill health effects in humans and damage to the environment.

Cleaning Industrial Exhaust
To reduce the amount of VOCs released into the air, global industry has instituted catalytic air pollution control programs and equipment as part of their manufacturing processes. One of the primary machines used in the reduction process is a catalytic oxidizer. A catalytic oxidizer uses heat as a catalyst that raises the temperature of exhaust streams. This breaks (oxidizes) down the chemical bonds that hold VOC molecules in place. VOCs are then converted to water, carbon dioxide, or recuperated thermal energy. Many catalytic oxidizers are self-sustaining and run on the power produced from the oxidation process.

Qualities of Effective Catalytic Oxidizers
These machines are vital to meeting the regulated reduction of VOC emissions, so performance, reliability, and efficiency are central to the operation of oxidizers. The oxidizer itself should not create significant emissions or other pollution footprint, so flameless electric systems are popular alternatives to gas-heated models. Oxidizers also must meet specific federal, state, and local EPA requirements for emissions.

Since there are a variety of industrial applications, oxidizers should have the proper catalyst type that promotes the most efficient operation. If mismatched, it could waste energy and result in emissions that do not meet regulatory standards.

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