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What Do Catholic Churches Do for the Community?

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It’s a well-known fact that the Catholic church provides charity services to people all over the world, but exactly what do those services do for people in need? Here’s a quick guide to what the church does to help others, so you know where your money is going when you donate in support.

Feeding the Hungry

While the primary goal of the Catholic church is to spread the message of the salvation offered in Jesus Christ, people who don’t have the necessities they need for survival aren’t able to properly absorb the impact of these words. That is one of the reasons that today’s Catholic charities are driven to provide nutritious food to men, women, and children who face hunger in our local communities. Christ made a wonderful example by feeding people who were in need of food throughout scripture; Catholics should strive to do the same, both in church and in their everyday lives.

Sheltering Those in Need

Some Catholic churches also provide shelter to homeless and struggling families and individuals through either on-site accommodations or by partnering with off-site shelters. As followers of Christ who was born in a stable, Catholics understand the importance of shelter for those who need it and can often be found working in charities to provide temporary accommodations to those who might otherwise be on the street.

Providing Medical Care

While most people realize that Catholic hospitals and medical clinics are prevalent around the world, they may not know this: The Catholic church is and has been the single largest provider of medical care around the world for most of history since its inception. Billions of people worldwide have been treated by Catholic hospitals and clinics, often at low or no cost through financial assistance programs. Charities around the world help to offset these costs and provide care for children and adults how need it most.

Offering Spiritual Guidance

Of course, the most well-known charity offered by the Catholic church is spiritual education and guidance. From birth through the end of life, churches like Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church offer parishioners the guidance and teaching they need to live better lives in Christ – and find eternal peace in the life hereafter.