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Benefits of Employee Health Insurance Asheville NC

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Employee health insurance is a great option for most workers. The company does all of the research, chooses the insurance company and chooses plan options for all of the employees. Also known as group coverage or group health insurance, employee health insurance or employer-based group health insurance is a wonderful option. But what exactly is employee health insurance Asheville NC?

What is employee health insurance?

Also known as employer-sponsored health insurance, employee health insurance is a health policy chosen and purchased by an employer and provided to eligible employees and the employees’ dependents. Employee health insurance plans are also called group plans, and the employer will typically share the cost of the premium with the employees.

Benefits of an employee health insurance plan

There are a number of advantages to an employee health insurance plan for both employers and employees, including:

  • The employer splits the cost of premiums with the employees. Neither the employer nor the employees must shoulder the burden of paying the entire cost of the premiums. Instead, they split or share the cost, making for happier employers and employees and a more productive workplace.
  • The employer does all of the work of choosing the employee health insurance plan options. The employer chooses the plan options, which makes for happier and healthier employees. When employees have employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, they are more likely to be healthy and miss less work, which makes the business more productive. It’s a win win.
  • Premium contributions are not subject to federal taxes. Another great benefit of employee health insurance plans is that premium contributions from the employer are not subject to federal taxes. Also, employee contributions can be made pre-tax, which decreases employees’ taxable income.

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