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Advice and Tips If You Own Row Cleaners

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The right farming equipment can save you a lot of time and trouble. If you’re using row cleaners, for instance, you can ensure a more consistent seedbed. Depth bands can also lead to better equipment performance. Here’s a roundup of other useful suggestions and advice to keep in mind.

Set them properly
This is a common mistake a lot of farmers make. If you’re setting yours, check the cleaner. Make sure the equipment isn’t fixed in a single position. Instead, it must roll with the contour of the ground, the AG Web says. If it’s fixed in one spot, the machine will end up plowing too much. Other times, it may not move enough residue. Either way, you end up compromising the quality of your seedbed.

Maintain the equipment
Be sure to clean the equipment after every use. Be thorough about it. Leaving behind any residue could lead to rust and damage in the long term.

Choose the right storage
Store your equipment in a safe place. And always turn off the power when you aren’t using it. Regularly perform visual checks as well. Look for signs of damage and wear.

Go for tune-ups
Have your equipment serviced regularly. That’s going to entail checking the cleaner for rust and wear as well as inspecting the equipment for anything that may be damaged or broken. Replace damaged parts and always follow the recommendations and instructions laid out in the equipment’s manual. With help from service pros, you can make your machine last longer.

Invest in a new one
If your row cleaners are much too aggressive in removing residue or aren’t doing a job of penetrating the soil to pick up plant debris just below the soil surface, then that could lead to a slew of other problems. It may be time to shop around for a new one.