A Custom-Size Foam Mattress Can Change the Way You Sleep

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Mattress

Over the years, most of the “one size fits all” products have been debunked or discredited in the fact that they truly do not provide a solution for everyone. On this note, it is usually a much better choice to find items that are custom-made for your needs, whether you are buying clothing or trying to choose a new mattress. A custom size foam mattress can give you the ultimate sleep experience, which is advantageous since you spend about a third of your life sleeping.

Traditional innerspring mattresses can’t provide a custom sleep experience like memory foam can. While there is some flexibility for customization, there are typically standard sizes and levels of firmness that you are limited to in buying a spring mattress. Not only that, but they don’t provide the array of benefits that memory foam offers. A standard memory foam bed could suit your needs, but if you have the option to create the perfect sleep system, why wouldn’t you?

You should consider a custom-designed, custom-size foam mattress when:

  • Your bed frame isn’t a standard size. If you have an older bed frame or want to build a custom bed with dimensions that differ from the standard bed sizes, you can have a custom mattress made to fit any size.
  • You and your partner have different sleeping habits and preferences. Custom foam beds will allow you to mix and match firmness and support, comfort features, and more to create a unique sleeping experience on either side to accommodate both sleepers.
  • You want to save money or are shopping on a budget. By working directly with a manufacturer to create a custom size foam mattress, you save money and hassle when you cut out the middle man. Plus, you can customize your mattress production to include your budget or price range, without being limited to a certain product line or selection.
  • You want to invest in better sleep. These mattresses are designed to last for 8-10 years, so it makes sense that you choose a model that gives you long-lasting comfort. A custom-made bed is going to be of a much higher quality than traditional stock mattresses, giving you better sleep solutions that need less care, maintenance, and replacement over time.

A custom size mattress allows you to create your ideal sleep system, regardless of what that entails. To learn more or discuss your custom mattress needs, visit FloMattress.com.

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