5 Questions to Help You Get a Booth for Your Trade Show

by | Jan 24, 2019 | business services

Getting ready for a trade show is a busy time for you and your team. Here are a few questions to help you better prepare.

Is it the right show?

Make sure you’re picking the right show for your business. Reach out to the organizers and find out what kind of audience they expect. You could also check out the event’s records from the previous year to give you a good idea if it’s the kind of event that’s right for your organization.

Why is the company going?

Be clear on why you want your company to participate in the show, the Entrepreneur says. Are those reasons aligned with your business strategy? Find out before you invest in that show.

Do I need new displays?

If your old displays aren’t getting you much foot traffic, then there’s no better time than now to check out other options. Look for companies that provide trade show supplies in Orlando.

What’s the right display size?

Consider the size of the displays. How huge do you want them to be? Think about your booth size and match your display to that. If it’s too big or small, you’re going to end up running into problems. Talk to your builder to work out the best size for your displays.

How do I pick a builder?

Start with research. Do it the traditional way first: by asking around. Get tips and advice from trusted contacts. You’ll also want to check out online options for companies that offer trade show supplies in Orlando as well. These should help you get more than enough names for your list. By the time you work your way through your list, you’ll have a clear idea which companies hit the mark for you.

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