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4 Great New Pastries to Try with Your Coffee

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Is your breakfast routine getting bland? For many people, the daily coffee accompaniment of a bagel or muffin gets boring. If that sounds like you, it might be time to try something new.

Next time you’re heading to the coffee shop, give these pastries a try. You never know which one might be your new favorite:

Fruit Tarts

Freshly made fruit tarts are a great way to get going in the morning. Bet served with seasonal fruit fillings, these pastries are far and away better than what you find premade on store shelves. Ask the staff at your local coffee shop what seasonal fruits are on the menu with these breakfast treats.

Banana Bread

Sometimes served with sweet icing, crumble topping, or all on its own, this is one breakfast item that can be enjoyed any time of day. The pandemic made banana bread more popular than ever, and coffee shops all over the United States have featured this hearty loaf as part of their breakfast menu in recent months as a result.

Cakes and Cookies

Who says breakfast can’t be as sweet as dessert? While it might not be to everyone’s taste, those with a serious sweet tooth might enjoy the cake pop or a slice of gourmet carrot cake with their coffee. The sweetness of these treats helps to offset the delicious bitterness of coffee well, giving you a tasty flavor balance to start your day.

Something Decadent? Only in Vegas!

While any coffee shop can offer delicious pastries some are uniquely local. Pastries Las Vegas can range from the finest ingredients to the most elaborate presentation, making breakfast truly a thing worth waking up for. Look for local shops offering cake pops or cupcakes topped with real gold leaf or chocolate goodies made from fine, imported cocoa.

Try something new next time you stop for breakfast. When you treat yourself to something exquisite in the morning, you make the rest of your day something special.

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